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PREVIEW: Cut Golf Balls

There’s a new player in the growing indie golf ball market by the name of Cut Golf. Here is a preview of their intriguing new product and service.

Fix My Swing

alignment rod drill
Fix My Swing: Alignment Stick Rotation Drill
fix my swing rope
Fix My Swing: Pulling the Rope
perfect backswing
Fix My Swing: Perfect Backswing Drill

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BREAKING: Secret Tour Pro’s identity to be revealed?

In a surprise move, it appears the once dormant website has resurfaced. Will his true identity be revealed?

Stop laughing about John Daly drinking

John Daly is still drinking alcohol and it is being glorified on social media. Why is this problem not getting more attention?

Muirfield Golf Club vote to allow women not impressive

Muirfield Golf Club has voted to allow female members. This is much too little way too late and only done to get back something that was lost.