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PREVIEW: Ping i200 Irons

Take a first look at the new Ping i200 irons, including iron specifications and whether or not they were built to help your specific handicap level. Click here to read more.

Fix My Swing

alignment rod drill
Fix My Swing: Alignment Stick Rotation Drill
fix my swing rope
Fix My Swing: Pulling the Rope
perfect backswing
Fix My Swing: Perfect Backswing Drill

Golf News

BREAKING: Nike Leaves the Golf Business

Nike has officially announced they are getting out of the golf equipment business. Here is the official statement from the company.

Thoughts on the Debacle that is Golf at the Rio Olympics

As more players withdraw from playing golf at the Rio Olympics, it’s becoming clearer that there is more behind each departure than just dirty mosquitoes.

Why you should question the USGA and R&A about golf’s distance problem

Is there a distance problem in professional golf? The governing bodies say no, but does their data agree? We have some questions.