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Bob Lamkin of Lamkin Grips | Episode 157

Bob Lamkin, president and CEO of Lamkin Grips, joins the show to share stories from his company’s history and features of their new products this year. Follow Lamkin Grips on Twitter at @lamkingrips. Visit Lamkin... Read More
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Dean Snell of Snell Golf | Episode 156

Dean Snell, founder of Snell Golf, joins the show to talk about the new MTB Black and MTB Red golf balls. Dean and I also discuss the ongoing golf ball distance debate and how independent... Read More
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Golf Metrics 101 with Data Golf | Episode 153

Matthew and William Courchene are the co-founders of DataGolf.ca, a fantastic golf statistics and analysis website geared toward enhancing your understanding of the game. Matt, Will and I discuss the origins of their website, clarify... Read More

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