VIDEO: Hitting hickory golf clubs on the driving range

June 18, 2016

Golf club technology has improved dramatically since the game’s inception, ranging from the original hickory-shafted mashies and niblicks to the muscleback blades of today. But how do these clubs compare in terms of performance?

I recently found a couple Windsor hickory mashies at a local estate sale ($2 a piece!) and wanted to find out. So I grabbed my Voice Caddie ball launch monitor, my car keys, and headed out to my local range.

The results can be seen in the video below. I start off with hitting my Mizuno MP-5 seven iron to warm up (average carry 155 yards), switch to a few shots with a 5-mashie, and finally a 2-mashie. Despite having a sweet spot the size of a dime and clubheads as thin as butter knives, the antique clubs actually felt solid went hit pure.

As you can tell by the video, the clubs took come getting used to. Enjoy.