Lizzie Driver Golf Apparel Review

lizzie driver polo
October 14, 2014

Lizzie Driver is an up-and-coming female golf apparel line started by two longtime friends who share an obsession with golf and a vision to bring high quality fashion to women on and off the course. We recently had the chance to try out some of the company’s new items for the fall 2014 season. Well, allow me to clarify. When I say “we” tried out the newest styles from Lizzie…


A Quick Note on Sexism in Golf

It is a topic that has been discussed and debated for as long as the game has been played. While racial boundaries are slowly being broken around country clubs and golf courses across the globe, an unmistakable aura of sexism still exists around golf, even if only in limited circles (frankly, I think it is much more prevelant).’s Emily Kay touched on one such example in an earlier article, however…

February 16, 2012