October 9, 2017

WYRE Golf is a new independent golf ball company that offers three high-quality golf balls for players of all types. Their new TITAN golf ball is a premium 3-piece urethane ball designed for players looking for accuracy, control, and “plenty of bite.”

I had the chance to play 18 holes with the WYRE Golf TITAN ball recently and was pleasantly surprised by their performance.

Who is WYRE Golf?

WYRE Golf is a German-based company with operations throughout Europe and parts of the Middle East. They offer a direct-to-the-consumer selling model direct from their website to keep their golf balls as inexpensive as possible. While not currently available to golfers in the US, WYRE Golf is growing in popularity due to their take on the sport as a whole, appealing to players of all ages and ability.

WYRE golf titan package

What does WYRE Golf offer?

In addition to their premium 3-piece, high compression urethane TITAN ball, WYRE also offers a 2-piece, low-compression GENESIS ball perfect for players looking for a boost in distance. The 3-piece mid-compression ATLAS ball offers the best all-around option with a focus on lower driver spin without compromising feel.

WYRE TITAN Feel and Performance

Reviewing golf balls can be a highly subjective matter on the course, especially when not using a ball launch monitor. While I may still do so in the near future, I decided for now to take these out to the course and see what they could do.

In terms of feel, the WYRE TITAN is an extremely soft golf ball that will appeal to a wide range of players. I was impressed with how they felt off every club in my bag, including my putter. I’m a golfer who prefers a soft golf ball around and on the greens, and the WYRE TITAN felt similar to my current gamer.

WYRE golf titan golf ball

Distance was also impressive off the tee. The TITAN’s 382 dimple design promoted a lower, penetrating ball flight with my driver while also providing plenty of lift with my mid- and low-irons. The ball rolled out nicely even on a wet, aerated golf course in October.

Spin was also a positive with the TITAN golf ball. Pitch shots landed softly and chips checked up nicely while full iron and wedge shots held every green I managed to hit. I’m not a guy who spins my irons a crazy amount, but I found the TITAN to perform as well as my current gamer in all spin categories.

Finally, the TITAN was also incredibly durable. I absolutely murdered an old willow tree on the back nine with a direct hit that would surely scrape any soft golf ball. The TITAN escaped unscathed, surprisingly, with no marks or scrapes on the outer cover.

Overall Impression

I have to admit: I’m very impressed with the WYRE TITAN golf balls.

At £30.00 per dozen, or roughly $39.50, these golf balls put themselves in a highly competitive price point. More companies are producing higher quality balls at lower costs in an attempt to stand apart from the pack. The TITAN’s  performance and durability give them a hands up on their competition, however, making them all the more appealing.

I really wish the WYRE TITANS were available in the US as I could easily play them without any concern of losing distance, feel or control in my game.


For our European and UAE readers: if you’d like to give the WYRE TITAN golf balls a try at an even lower price, use the discount code WYREUNFILTERED at check-out for a 15% discount on your first purchase.

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