REVIEW: Uther Golf Towels

November 4, 2017

Premium golf accessories are a great way to liven up your golf bag, as well as display a little personality on the course. Uther golf towels offer a range of stylish designs and premium quality fabric that equate to a fantastic product for your game.

About Uther Golf

After purchasing several golf towels season after season, self proclaimed golf nerds from Toronto, Canada decided it was time to create a premium towel that would set the precedent for all golf towels that followed. We understand the value of our weaponry, and have redefined the most used accessory. Instead of being a billboard for the big companies, our towels have been created to stand apart from the crowd and give any golf bag the style it deserves.

uther golf flamingo

Style and Feel

The minimalist designs offered by Uther golf towels are stunning without being outlandish. There is an annoying trend in golf accessories that “louder is better,” but Uther understands that you can still make a statement without blinding your playing partners.

The current inventory of different patterns available are a bit light, however each option is tastefully unique and versatile. Whether it’s a traditional checkered pattern or a flock of pastel flamingos, you will undoubtedly find something you’ll like.

As with similar high-quality golf towels, Uther towels feature ultra-absorbent microfiber that is highly durable and effective with removing grime from your clubs or golf ball.

uther golf logo


Uther towels are available in two sizes: a large Tour Towel option (20″x40″) or the more compact Cart Towel. I prefer the larger of the two as draping my golf towel over my irons while walking is a look I love.

Each towel is non-abrasive and ideal for cleaning your forged irons or soft-cover golf balls. The Cart Towel comes equipped with a convenient metal bag clip which can also be latched onto most golf cart canopies or belt loop pocket for easy access.

The microfiber fabric is also odor-reducing and stain-resistant, which is perfect for the golfer whose shots are more adventurous than others.

Overall Impression

I absolutely love the look, feel, and function of Uther golf towels. While their technology can be found in similar brands across the market, their styles and patterns are a clear brand differential. I will 100 percent use an Uther towel as my preferred golf towel moving forward.

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