REVIEW: TPT Golf Shafts

December 11, 2017

TPT golf shafts are designed by the same high-tech engineers who produce materials for luxury watches, F1 race cars, snowboards, and sails for the Swiss America’s Cup team. Their foray into golf shafts has produced an incredible product for golfers looking to squeeze more distance and consistency out of their woods at a premium price point.

TPT Golf Background

I knew absolutely nothing about TPT going into this test. Self-billed as “the world’s most technically advanced golf shafts,” I knew I was either in for a self-grandiose load of you-know-what or a company that actually wants to improve your game.

Their backstory is impressive, to say the least. Founded in 2001, North Thin Ply Technology (NTPT) produces high-performing composite materials for a number of different sports. Their initial claim to fame was producing the world’s fastest, lightest, longest-lasting sails for racing yachts. That doesn’t sound like an easy thing to do.

The result was the development of a thin-ply technology that had no spine, was multi-layered and incredibly durable. That description alone should be a huge clue as to why TPT expanded its product line into golf shafts. Clearly this technology could help golfers of all types across the globe!

tpt golf shaft2

High performance comes at a premium price

Then I saw the price tag of their shafts and nearly fainted: an MSRP of $700.

As someone who annoyingly constantly preaches about the benefits of playing less-expensive golf balls, I knew I’d be up against a legion of naysayers when I decided to test a golf shaft hundreds of dollars above what most golfers can afford.

This is all a matter of perspective. Would you rather repeatedly spend chunks of cash on a consistent basis on a product you will most likely lose during a round of golf, or pay a higher one-time fee upfront on something that could last 5+ years in your bag?

We all know golf isn’t free, so it’s up to you to spend your money wisely. (Then again, $700 is still $700.)

Is TPT worth your time and money?

The short answer: absolutely.

In terms of appearance, the TPT golf shafts are really sharp. Minimalist designs are in my wheelhouse, and TPT’s matte-black finish with a hint of a wood grain design is gorgeous. Installing the shaft with the logo facing down provides a clean, distraction-free look I prefer. However, if you want to get fancy, the TPT logo offers a splash of color that is both subtle and professional.

Performance was also impressive. Imagine that, right? If a golf shaft costs this much it better be damn good. Well, it is. More on that in a second.

For 2017 TPT offers five different shafts ranging from the 15 – 19 Series models. A certified club fitter is the best method to find what’s best for you, but TPT does a good job of segmenting their shafts according to swing speed and ball flight preference. Knowing my swing tendencies, I went with the 16 Series: average tempo and swing speed (90 – 105 mph).

tpt golf address

The Data

The data shown below consists of a practice session between two clubs: my gamer driver (DRIVER) and a driver outfitted with the TPT shaft (2WOOD). For context, I was fit for my gamer which also features a lower-spinning head than the driver with the TPT shaft. Driving range balls were used for the test.


(Apologies for the annoying page break in the 2WOOD data. Bad SkyTrak!)



What’s the big takeaway?

Overall, the TPT golf shaft performed impressively. As the data shows, it performed almost dead-on the same as my current driver, which I was custom fit for recently. While the sample sizes are small, I’d be willing to wager that these consistencies would continue.

The TPT shaft felt solid and sturdy without feeling too heavy (65 grams). Ball flight initially seemed higher than I prefer, but only to the tune of three yards per the data. Of course, the different clubheads produced different spin rates, but to a negligible degree in my brief test.

Whether or not the TPT golf shaft is “worth” its price tag is for you to decide. The benefits are clear compared to stock options most club companies offer. Even without a proper fitting, my test showed I wouldn’t miss out too much in terms of performance if I made the switch from my gamer. That speaks volumes to the quality of the product.

This also suggests that the TPT shaft would greatly outperform the original stock shaft I was using, just as my current gamer shaft did.

One of the most important upgrades to your golf bag is to outfit your driver with the proper golf shaft for your game. I cannot overstate that. Per my own experience, I have been shown time and time again that in the case of golf shafts, paying more is absolutely worth it. My game has improved significantly, which is worth every penny in my book.

TPT golf shafts are the real deal and your game will benefit immensely. I highly encourage you to learn more about their products, try them out at your local club fitter, and make an educated purchasing decision.