REVIEW: Tathata Golf Training Program

September 30, 2017

The Tathata Golf training program is a 60-day journey designed to bring you to a deeper level of understanding about the golf swing in a truly unique way. Borrowing from swing tendencies of the game’s greatest players, mindfulness techniques and martial art discipline, Tathata Golf is a golf program unlike anything you’ve tried.

The theme of Tathata Golf

Tathata Golf is a lineage of unwavering care and love, with the utmost responsibility to authenticity. With truth comes a safe opening for everyone to come together for the betterment of all. From its inception, Tathata Golf has been built as a gift of love to all who visit.

The above passage appears on the About page of Tathata Golf, specifically written by Bryan Hepler, founder and instructor of the program. If the phrasing and content feel a bit heavy and philosophical, you’d be correct. Hepler stays in this lane throughout the program, reminding you to search for “actual truths,” “inner strength” and “learning into your own being.”

How does this make you a better golfer? Through his teachings, Hepler argues mastery and success can only be achieved after first understanding one’s true self.

It’s a bit New Age, to say the least.

Tathata Golf is a 60-Day Program

Yes, that’s right. This program spans a full 60 days of training. Sixty. Days.

You’ll be introduced to a series of step-by-step body movements and golf swing positions in a repetitive manner that build on one another. You’ll also be lead through a series of mental exercises to help you establish a mindset for success by way of mindfullness and meditation.

I’m willing to go out on a limb and assume most golfers don’t have the time — and energy — to complete 60 straight days of anything, let alone multiple 45-minute-long videos. Throw in the fact that you do not hit a golf ball once in the program and you’ve got an approach that will immediately turn off a large segment of golfers.

You are able to complete the program at your own pace if you wish to break up the 60 days into smaller chunks. This will increase your time commitment, of course, but is a good option for most golfers.

However, if you are willing to put in the time and effort into staying fully committed to the program, you will receive a master class in golf swing fundamentals proven to be effective.

But that’s a huge “if.”

I did not finish Tathata Golf

There, I said it. I did not finish the program because I simply did not have the time.

Granted, I would probably be more inclined to go through this program during the winter. The exercises presented in the program are detailed yet simple and Hepler does a fine job walking you through each exercise with precision. The video demonstrations are easy to follow and feel like they are beneficial.

Plus, you can do the entire program in any room of your house as your time actually swinging a golf club are controlled and limited. The mobility of Tathata Golf is a huge plus and cannot be overstated.

The in-program dashboard is also great. You can rewatch any lesson, jump ahead to others, and review in-depth lesson notes and tips to supplement your learning. I’ve never seen a more detailed and robust golf training program in my life.

My only concern is how digestable the content will be for golfers across the spectrum.

Who would benefit most from Tathata Golf?

While the program is designed for players of all levels, I believe Tathata Golf is best for beginners looking for a solid set of swing fundamentals for roughly $170.

More advanced players will also benefit to a degree, especially if you’ve struggled with specific swing concepts in your playing career or need a refresher. The end-game golf swing Tathata Golf teaches is solid and a model you’d be smart to emulate.

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