REVIEW: ScoreBand PULSE Laser Rangefinder


The golf rangefinder market has exploded over the last few years, especially after the USGA deemed them legal for competitive play in 2012. The new ScoreBand PULSE offers golfers an affordable laser rangefinder option that won’t break your bank account or compromise accuracy.

Priced at only $180, the Scoreband PULSE is a great rangefinder option for weekend players and competitive golfers alike. The unit’s two-button design is easy to use — one works the laser while the other switches between yardage and meters — and operates on a single lithium battery (included). Just look through the PULSE’s lens, fire the laser at your target, get your yardage and swing away.

Our test of the PULSE yielded positive results for both accuracy and ease-of-use. The unit ships with a protective pouch that can be attached to your belt or golf bag. This placed the PULSE within arm’s reach at all times, making repeated use on the course a breeze. Yardages were also on-point throughout our round, providing an accurate reading to any target we chose. We were pleasantly surprised at how well this affordable rangefinder performed.


The unit’s lightweight build did provide a few challenges. Aiming and “shooting” the laser took some getting used to as our tester repeatedly misfired when focusing on a flag or smaller target. The yardage display was also difficult to read in some instances, which was attributed to sunlight glare.

Overall the ScoreBand PULSE is a great option if you are in the market for a laser rangefinder. While it lacks a few options found on more expensive units, the ScoreBand PULSE provides a perfect introduction to rangefinder golf.

Adam Fonseca

Adam Fonseca is the owner and Editor of He is also he host of the Golf Unfiltered Podcast. Adam spends most of his time making a fool out of himself on Twitter. (@GolfUnfiltered)

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