REVIEW: GolfJet Experience

February 25, 2018

If you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to experience the frills and benefits of playing on a professional golf tour, GolfJet gives you that chance.

Based in Australia, GolfJet seeks to give members a luxury experience usually reserved for golf’s elite. Whether it be brand new equipment shipped directly to your door before each new round, exclusive access to private courses, or comprehensive data reports of your game in real time, GolfJet serves as your personal brand “sponsor.”

GolfJet Membership

What is included in the membership?

GolfJet wants you to feel like a tour professional golfer, regardless of your skill level. The review package I received included two dozen golf balls, a brand new cabretta leather glove, and instructions on how to access their smartphone app. Also available are specialized golf tees and accessories like wool caps and microfiber golf towels. As the company is still in its infancy at this time, these features are the foundation of the membership for now.

The JET3 and JET4 golf balls

Each of the company’s golf ball options feature common premium designs that will benefit players of any skill level. The JET3 (R&A approved) and JET4 (approval pending) feature 3- and 4-piece constructions, respectively. Each offer high spin rates on approach shots along with a soft feel around the green. Both boast impressive distance off the tee thanks to a low-drag 338 hex-aerodynamic dimple pattern, easily placing them in a playability category for the widest range of players.

What I found interesting, however, was the wide recommended swing speed range for the JET4 model. Typically, a golf ball model will fit neatly into a tight swing speed range as to not confuse the consumer. According to the spec sheet I received with the review package, the JET4 is “recommended for swing speeds between 50 and 100mph.” That basically covers most golfers on the planet and is concerning from a performance consistency standpoint.

GolfJet Connect

The GolfJet Smartphone App

My favorite element of the GolfJet membership is their intuitive smartphone app, GolfJet Connect. Golf brands are becoming more digital, so it’s a great move by them to address this market head-on from the start.

The best way I can describe the app is “a country club in your pocket.” You can setup a virtual “tour” to which you can invite friends to participate. The app tracks scores, handicaps, stats, and more for everyone in the tour, making the app one of the most comprehensive I’ve seen on the market.

Other features include an on-course GPS feature for over 28,000 courses worldwide and a robust personal stats dashboard that can be helpful in improving your game.

Overall Impression

What GolfJet is attempting to accomplish is both lofty and intriguing. Today’s golfer is a more informed golfer, having dozens of golf ball options to choose from based on launch monitor readouts and custom fitting apps. Introducing a new option in this space is risky, especially with the litigious nature of the game’s biggest names attempting to protect their ideas and governing bodies considering golf ball distance restrictions.

I have similar concerns for GolfJet’s smartphone app. There is no shortage of free GPS apps that also feature a social networking component without the need to subscribe to a membership. Convincing the consumer to consider a membership will be GolfJet’s biggest challenge, which they will hope to do by offering additional frills like exclusive access to high-end golf courses.

All of that stated, however, the GolfJet experience¬†could catch on among the niche golfer. There will always be a market in the game for luxury experiences, and their’s is one of the most intriguing models I’ve seen to date.

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