cobra king f7 one length

REVIEW: Cobra Golf KING F7 One Length Irons

The new Cobra Golf KING F7 One Length irons may seem like a gimmick to traditional golfers. After testing a set, however, I can safely say these clubs will help a small subset of amateur players looking for a quick fix in their game.

When Cobra signed Bryson DeChambeau to an equipment sponsorship deal earlier in 2016, his concept of irons all the same length came along with him. The KING F7 irons — while also available in standard lengths — are the first venture into this “one swing across all your clubs” mentality by a major golf equipment manufacturer.

Who doesn’t use the same swing for all their clubs, though? This is a question I feel shouldn’t even exist.

Watch the video below for my review of these interesting new clubs. While the turf conditions were not ideal — and my personal ball launch monitor ran out of juice midway through — the Cobra Golf KING F7 One Length irons performed about as good as they could for my swing.

For more information on these irons, click on this link:

Adam Fonseca

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