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Presidents Cup 2017 and Donald Trump | Episode 128

This week on the Golf Unfiltered Podcast we wrap up the 2017 President’s Cup finale and touch on the Donald Trump protests in sports.

Adam also discusses three major points you will want to consider before getting a custom club fitting for the first time.

Adam Fonseca

Adam Fonseca is the owner and Editor of He is also he host of the Golf Unfiltered Podcast. Adam spends most of his time making a fool out of himself on Twitter. (@GolfUnfiltered)

  • Longtime_Geek

    Adam, we need to talk.

    I’ve been following golf since 1961 (I was 8) and playing the game since 1967. I had the live coverage of the 2017 Presidents Cup on for almost 90% of the time, and never looked at the NFL even once until Sunday Night Football.

    Was the Presidents Cup a completely lopsided “competition” where the end result was never in doubt? Sure it was. (Facts is facts, not fake news) But the Ryder Cup before the inclusion of greater Europe players to what had been the GB&I team was also considered an American funfest.

    The issue for the Presidents Cup isn’t just the fact that Australia and non-European countries couldn’t match the depth of quality players the U.S. has, it’s also a case of recency bias caused by the fact that the Spieth/Thomas/Berger generation just may be the best class of young professional golfers to join the pro ranks in the history of the game. They also happen to all be Americans.

    Two of the most exciting “International” players I watched this year were Kim and Vegas. Neither of them showed any awe of their American competitors, in fact they seemed to relish the battles. With a few more young(er) players like that on the International Team the Presidents Cup could become very interesting.

    So we need to tall about how we can help foster better competition, not just write off the concept because the Americans once again rolled to the win.

    • Adam Fonseca

      Thanks for listening, and for your thoughts.

      Asking for players to just “be better” isn’t going to work. I agree that Kim and Vegas are outstanding talents, however I argue the method by which the teams are built is incorrect and leads to more confusion than anything. I’d be more interested in seeing a Captain-pick Only event where both squads are hand chosen. That would introduce a level of subjective variance that could, in theory, mean weaker teams on both sides but better competition overall.