This week on the Golf Unfiltered Podcast we welcome Luke Kerr-Dineen from USA Today’s For the Win blog!

Luke and I kick things off with the craziness surrounding Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods this week and serve up some ridiculously hot takes on why gambling and women (respectively) are the devil’s brew. Well, ok… we don’t actually go that far, but both of these guys have to pump the breaks at some point, right? Right.

Today on the Golf Unfiltered Podcast we welcome one of the brightest golf equipment minds in the blogosphere, Tony Covey from

Tony and I take a deep dive into the golf equipment industry and how sites like are educating the general public on what to look for in golf clubs. While most golfers rely heavily on clubtesting results from big-name publications, Tony and his team have taken an independent approach at “Datacratic” analysis of every new club that hits the market. Golf nerds of the world, unite!

This is a must-listen for any golfer who considers himself a gearhead or likes to tinker with golf equipment.

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