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Golf Unfiltered Podcast 70: Diving Deeper into the TaylorMade Golf Sale

Tony Covey from MyGolfSpy.com and the Secret Tour Pro’s assistant join me tonight to share their inside knowledge on the sale of TaylorMade Golf. We discuss why the Adidas Group is selling off its golf brands, who might be buying them, and where the biggest PGA Tour players under their sponsorship could be headed.

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Adam Fonseca

Adam Fonseca is the owner and Editor of GolfUnfiltered.com. He is also he host of the Golf Unfiltered Podcast. Adam spends most of his time making a fool out of himself on Twitter. (@GolfUnfiltered)

  • Charles T

    Interesting episode for sure! Why all of the bridgestone buzz lately? sleeping giant?

  • anon.

    Adam…with all due respect…you cannot understand 50% of what Mr. Assistant STP is saying…please, it’s so amateurish and discredits the entire podcast. I know you think it’s so very cool to have this guy on, but he speaks in gibberish.

    • Adam Fonseca

      I appreciate the feedback and we will do our best to handle any sound issues in the future.