Episode 110: Josh Babbitt of THP Media

May 10, 2017

Our friend Josh Babbitt of THP Media joins the podcast tonight.

Josh and I discuss golf like only two golf nerds can! We cover everything from golf equipment, golf technology, golf media and much more in this fantastic conversation.

Be sure to visit Josh’s site, The Hackers Paradise, at thehackersparadise.com

Follow Josh Babbitt on Twitter at @JB_THPGolf.

Follow THP Media on Twitter at @THPGolf.

  • Tim Campbell

    Great episode with Josh Babbitt. I have been fortunate enough to be a part of THP, both on the forum and at 3 live events. What I love about THP is they are all about bringing people of all backgrounds onto their golf course where we get to discuss everything we love/hate about the game we are crazy for. Awesome interview. Look forward to your collaboration with THP in Illinois at the THP/Budget Golf Championship. I hope to be there.!