Cigar Essentials for the Golf Course

March 7, 2016

What’s a better way to enjoy a relaxing day off during the spring, summer, or fall than hitting a tiny little ball with a piece of funny looking metal into a myriad of lakes and sand pits the likes of which put the desert planet of Tatooine to shame? For those who enjoy golf like I do, the time spent on the course with friends and grabbing a drink afterwards is nothing short of a spectacular way to enjoy your day. And with golf inevitably comes cigars. It’s a true pairing of absolute relaxation. The taste, the aroma, and the calming sensation Callaway and Cohibas have on a player make playing a full 18 truly spectacular. But just like you need to gear up for a round hitting the links, you must also make sure you’re properly geared up to smoke your favorite stogie on the course.

First and foremost, you need to make sure the cigars you smoke make it to the course undamaged. Shoving a Robusto in your pocket at home is a sure-fire way to turn that Macanudo into a pile of tobacco shreds by the time you get to the clubhouse. As an added hazard, it takes forever to clean all the tobacco shreds out of your pocket as well. We recommend picking up a hard plastic Cigar Caddy Carrying Case. With a hard exterior and airtight seal, your cigars will make it to the course fully intact upon arriving at the clubhouse and when you huck the case into any lake after you shank your first drive. As an added bonus, the included humidifier gives you the convenience of loading this handy case full of your favorite cigars and leaving them in your golf bag without the worry of them drying out between rounds!

One of the things that drives me absolutely nuts on the course is seeing a player lay his lit cigar down in the grass, on a tee box marker, or even on the edge of a golf cart. Not being properly prepared to rest your cigar in a safe and sanitary place can cause you to pick up some nasty sickness from all the chemicals the grounds crew uses to keep the course green and playable. Furthermore, thousands of golfers use tee boxes and golf carts as makeshift cigar holders, making these options disgustingly unviable considering the sheer amount of saliva left behind after every drive. To make sure your cigar doesn’t pick up what can most certainly be any number of harmful bacteria, equip yourself with a Get-A-Grip Clip Cigar Holder. With the ability to clamp on to any golf cart, your cigar will stay lit and clean as you whack the perfect drive.

Finally, as golfers, we all have our favorite courses. Personally, mine is Apple Mountain in Belvidere, NJ. It’s inexpensive, they have great food, and it features a 650 yard par 6 on the 17th hole which is epic for anyone who likes to grip it and rip it. So it goes without saying when I see cigar butts all over the course, I get pretty upset. Now of course you can’t throw your cigar butt into your bag, but you can pick up a Xikar Ashtray Can. With a design that allows you to rest your cigar as you take your turn and ash at your convenience, this metal device also allows you to drop the remainder of your cigar in and seal it up. No smell escapes, and your favorite course stays clean for you and every other golfer looking to enjoy his day. And cleanup is as easy as simply dumping the ashes in the trash when you get back home.

However, if you truly want to be prepared with a true golfers dream kit, you can get a variation of everything mentioned and more with The Basic Necessities Accessory Kit. In it features the Xikar Ashtray Can along with a compact 3 Cigar Pocket Case, small ashtray, cutter and lighter. Everything takes up little real estate in your bag, and provides you with the basics to have a smokin’ round of golf. Stay prepared and get ready for another season of golf!

(Written by Jonathan Detore)