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BREAKING: Secret Tour Pro’s identity to be revealed?

Apparently if you deceive people too frequently, eventually it will catch up to you. The latest example appears to involve Twitter’s Secret Tour Pro, as a group of unidentified whistleblowers prepare to reveal his true identity.

secret tour pro debunked

That’s the landing page to, a website that (ironically) once housed content presumably originated by STP himself during his brief (and failed) venture into golf blogging. According to my sources, individuals previously associated with the original website have decided to reopen it.

Why? Apparently they still owned the domain name.

That’s poetic justice.

In my most recent podcast update to this story I all but washed my hands of this situation, mainly due to my sources unwilling to speak out publicly regarding STP’s true identity. I still hold that position and have nothing to do with what appears to be a new website aimed at one thing:

Outing the Secret Tour Pro.

I have absolutely no idea where this is going, but sincerely hope that the individual associated with the STP account does the right thing in this situation. Meanwhile, like the rest of golf Twitter, I will be sitting back to see what unfolds.

What are your thoughts on this situation? Do you follow the Secret Tour Pro account on Twitter? Do you care about his true identity?

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