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BREAKING: Secret Tour Pro reveals identity on SwingCast

It appears the mystery behind Twitter’s @SecretTourPro has come to an end.

Michael Double, a social media manager based in the UK, is the name of the man behind the account, per a series of events that transpired during my live broadcast on Twitch, the popular live video game streaming service and foundation for Swingcast, sponsored by His is the name I had been told days prior by multiple sources.

How everything came down was unexpected and rapid, so I’ll do my best to cover the events in order:

My Swingcast broadcast on Twitch started at roughly 7pm eastern standard time (EST)

I had teased on my Twitter account that a few of my sources and those wronged by Secret Tour Pro (STP) would be joining the broadcast in its chatroom.

By 7:30pm EST roughly 30 active chatters were in the room, including three of the “Secret 4” — the individuals recruited to write for

Stories were shared in the chat room involving Double, those who know him, and the alleged deception that surrounded those relationships.

Before long, a user with the screen name “DPugh66” entered the chat and continued to share additional stories. I was lead to believe this was Denis Pugh, a well-known teaching professional and coach to multiple Tour players.

Due to the timezone differences, those in the chat room began to question whether Pugh was actually in the chat. Bob Estes, PGA Tour player, was watching the broadcast and sent me the following tweet:

Those in the chat began calling out the “DPugh66” chatter, wondering if he was actually STP all along.

Suddenly, “DPugh66” posted the following in the chat room:

secret tour pro michael double


This obviously sent the chat room into a flurry as someone had finally revealed the name of the man known to run the STP account. (This was confirmed by a source who met Double for a round of golf a year prior).

Chatters in the broadcast immediately started asking Double to apologize.

A short time later, another name, “hellomike1989” appeared in the chat.

secret tour pro mike double

There is so much more behind this story that I can’t even begin to put into a blog post, but for now, the mystery is over.

To watch the broadcast with chat, including the big reveal in the second hour (1:32:00 mark), you have to watch via this link:

Watch the broadcast video only below (no chat).

Watch live video from SwingCast on

Listen to how this all started — Golf Unfiltered Podcast 102: Who is the Secret Tour Pro? (Part II)


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