BREAKING: Bridgestone Golf CEO ‘Parts Ways’ with Company

May 30, 2018

Early reports are surfacing on social media that Bridgestone Golf and CEO Angel Ilagen have “mutually agreed to part ways”, according to a series of tweets by MyGolfSpy’s John Barba.

Word of a possible separation first appeared on Twitter from The Hackers Paradise, however an official statement from Bridgestone wasn’t mentioned until hours later.

While the performance of an entire company is never impacted by a single soul, the role of a CEO is often questioned when business takes a negative turn. After all, that’s the main expectation of any leader, especially in an industry that has seen more independent competitors gather market share faster now than ever before.

This should not be seen as a commentary on the quality of the Bridgestone product, of course. If you produce a golf ball good enough to “win over” the likes of Tiger Woods and Lexi Thompson, clearly you are doing something right.

For what its worth, Bridgestone golf balls have performed admirably in our own testing, which is a testament to the incredibly talented engineers and staff at the company.

Sadly, the mantra “if you build it, he will come” is best kept for the movies. While the sport’s most famous face plays a truly incredible Bridgestone product, not placing him front-and-center as often and loudly as possible has caused people to question the company’s marketing efforts. Rumors surfaced that the absence of Tiger Woods in product advertising was a direct result of his 2017 DUI arrest, which would have likely been directed by leadership.

Woods would eventually be a larger presence in advertising campaigns, but not until months later.

Pure speculation aside, and just Ilagen cannot be blamed for the performance of an entire brand, neither can a single marketing decision. Multiple variables contribute to a “mutual separation” between a brand and its CEO.

Unfortunately tough decisions have to be made in order to turn a ship around, and it appears Bridgestone is serious about gaining back golf ball market share.

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